7 Retirement Planning Steps To Take in Your 50s

You've been working hard for more than 30 years, and now you're beginning to think on the next phase. It's not on your list for at least a few years, but you're aware that it's the right time to begin thinking about the future.

1. Create a Tax Plan "Your 50s are a crucial time to take advantage of various tax strategies," he stated. "This all begins with knowing what your tax situation looks like today and what it's projected to be in the future."

2. Create a Plan to Manage Healthcare Expenses "Healthcare expenses can make up the majority of your retirement budget especially if you decide to decide to retire early. Lechner suggested making plans now.."

3. Review Your Social Security Statement "Keep an eye on your Social Security earnings record to verify the accuracy of your earnings record," Lachner explained. "Your future Social Security benefits will be based on your reported earnings record, and any errors will impact your future benefits."

4. Consider Your Ideal Retirement "There's no one right or wrong method to retire. However, Lechner advised that you should begin to think about what you'd like your life to be as when you finally walk off your desk to ensure that you have enough money for it"

5 Review Investment Allocations "Stay away from 'rule of thumb guidance,'" Lachner added. "At this stage, you need a plan that is tailored to your goals."

6. Update Your Estate Plan "If you name one adult child as power of attorney, have that discussion with them," he advised. "If you have other children, make them aware also."

7. Consider Long-Term Care Insurance ""Your 50s and early 60s are generally considered the best time to purchase long-term care insurance," Minogue stated.